Tuesdays Rockford Lutheran Academy
Kindergarten - Grade 5
Wednesdays Rockford Lutheran Jr. & Sr. High School
Grades 6 - 12
Thursdays Rockford Lutheran Preschool at Mt. Olive


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Lutheran at a Glance


Foreign Language – six year study in French, German and Spanish – with Spanish offered in PreK through high school.  High School level Chinese, Music, Art and Drama from grade Pre K through 12th grade.   More than 70% of Junior and Senior High students participate in extracurricular activities.   Computer courses from grade school through high school.   Also, 204 Rockford Lutheran Varsity athletes had a 3.5 GPA or higher in the Spring of 2013.

Spiritual Life

Rockford Lutheran School provides a balance of faith and learning. In addition to classes that challenge our students to perform to their abilities and develop their God-given talents, this is a place where morals and values are stressed. Rockford Lutheran is a welcoming environment, open to children and families of all faiths.

International Students

RLS is privileged to have approximately fifteen International students each year. Both the host families and the guest students gain lifelong friendships and experiences.