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Jr. High

The unique program at Rockford Lutheran provides an environment suited for the development of all aspects of the young adolescent.

Academically they have the opportunity to accelerate into high school level classes in the areas of mathematics, science and foreign language.   This provides an ideal occasion for them to reach numerous college level classes in each of these areas by the time they are Juniors and Seniors.  With the benefit of our accelerated junior high curriculum, they can truly complete their 13th year before graduation, saving the time and expense of a 4th year of college.

The junior high environment of less than 250 students, under the direction of a junior high administration, provides a context and level of attention that supports the healthy relational, emotional and spiritual development of these young people. The comprehensive program of art, music, drama and athletics provides the occasion for each individual to develop their God-given talents, preparing them to cultivate and refine those passions throughout their high school career.

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