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Spiritual Life

Rockford Lutheran School provides a balance of faith and learning. In addition to classes that challenge our students to perform to their abilities and develop their God-given talents, this is a place where morals and values are stressed. Rockford Lutheran is a welcoming environment, open to children and families of all faiths.

Spiritual life is a part of every day. At the Academy, students experience Bible stories and songs as well as weekly Chapel services. Conversations about God with teachers and other students support their development as faithful, well rounded students.

In the Junior and Senior High School, every day begins with a prayer, with another at lunchtime. Students lead our chapel ministries as well as running tech services for chapel. A group of nineteen upper class students lead cabin groups during the annual Freshman Retreat; these groups continue to meet through the academic year to provide support to freshmen. Every Wednesday morning Allies, a high school group, meets for student-led prayer and support.

Community Service

Community service is an important component in developing a strong moral character.

  • Each year Academy students are involved in school-sponsored charity events.
  • 7th and 8th graders serve 20 hours each year for special projects with their families.
  • Freshmen and Sophomores serve 20 hours annually in the school and their home churches.
  • Juniors and Seniors serve 40 hours in service to their communities service to their communities including a variety of Christian service projects such as food drives, Christmas toy drives and specialty clothing drives.

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