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Giving Tuesday 11.27.18

First came Black Friday, which now too often begins on Thanksgiving day; followed by Cyber Monday and the holiday feast of retail was born. In an effort to provide people with an opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of the season we now have “Giving Tuesday”.

On this day you will be presented with many options to support the institutions, organizations and ministries that matter to you.  These are the groups that have helped to shape our lives and bring comfort as they provide a sense of direction. We see the results of the work done by these agencies every day. Our communities are stronger because the people from these groups are on the ground every day.

I pray that Rockford Lutheran is one of these ministries in your life. If, as you pause to reflect on the impact Lutheran has had on your life and your family we are bold to present you with a shortlist of ways you can help us to continue to serve families as we have for more than 50 years.

This year we are working to complete the fundraising for our bleachers in the main gym to make them ADA accessible. 

Of course, your gift can be directed to the programs you value the most. Were you touched by music, do you follow the sports teams? Can you recall your favorite hands on learning activity or lab? Make a gift to support the Orchestra, the athletic department or your favorite classroom teacher.

You can make a lasting gift to honor a saint who has gone to rest. Add to the Gerry Guse, Payton Parrotte, or Rick Bier Scholarship.

Each and every one of the gifts made to the school online, in person or in your estate plan is truly being given to honor those who planted the school and to the generations who will enjoy the “Lutheran Experience” in the next 50 years.

Please as you check off the list of things you do in this hectic season think of the impact of Rockford Lutheran on your life and in your community and add your support to the gifts of God’s people to sustain and grow this school.


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We welcome gifts of any amount.
Rockford Lutheran School is a 501C3 nonprofit organization and your donation of cash, securities, or in-kind materials is tax-deductible.