May 2014  =  Learning  +  Innovation  +  Creativity
Out of The Box advances Rockford as a great place to live and visit by showcasing our amazing people and promoting fantastic events in the month of May.  What will YOU experience?

In 2012 the fourth grade at Rockford Lutheran Academy (RLA) performed a locally written musical look at the history of Rockford.  The performance was produced by a group of individuals and organizations with an eye toward creating a broad based coalition who is committed to the future of our Hometown. Three performances were given over a two-day time period. Two of the shows were for 3rd grade students from District 205. A third added other area groups to the evening’s gala performance. As the event was debriefed, those with firsthand knowledge of the process, which supported the performance, were gratified by the widespread support for a coalition that had never before been envisioned.

As 2013 approached a consensus of opinion determined that a performance of such a scope and focus could not be as successful in a second consecutive year. Still, the effort to collaborate was seen as a valuable community resource. The RLA 4th graders were intent on performing another original musical production, this one on the life of Frank Lloyd Wright. A natural tie to the Laurent House was seen. An approach was made to highlight the projected opening of the local museum. Outside forces made such collaboration impossible.  The organizers of the original Hometown History group explored other possibilities and a decision was made to highlight the need for a new generation of creative “architects” who will design our future.

2014 OTB Planning Fact Sheet

Want to be involved next year?  Contact Don Gillingham at Rockford Lutheran School:  815-877-9551